Main Products

Collet Chucks
Komiya customizes all high-precision/special collet chucks. Our precision grinding process technology that continues being improved and thorough control of safety and quality respond to your request or demand.

Characteristics and special skills of Komiya products

  1. Products customized to meet your request or demand
  2. Suggestion of a collet chuck whose deflection is minimal
  3. Suggestion of improvement of a collet chuck you are using


“High rigidity and minimal deflection” Komiya&Co., Ltd. continues pursuing the ultimate carbide quills. We will manufacture and provide carbide quills with our globally competitive “special skill” of precision grinding process technology and pride of a group of craftsmen.


Characteristics and special skills of Komiya products

  1. Customization and manufacturing of highly rigid carbide quills such as steel quills, carbide-brazed type quills and carbide solid type quills
  2. Manufacturing of quills with material whose attenuation performance is high enough to suppress chattering
  3. Minimal deflection of a quill improving the efficiency of a grinding process
  4. Attachment of inspection data obtained with a roundness measuring machine in response to your request