Representative Director’s Greeting

Thank you for visiting our home page. 


Komiya is located in the Keihin (Tokyo-Yokohama) industrial area that is the center of manufacturing industry of Japan. Komiya was founded in 1937 as a distributor of machinery tools, and many companies in this area have been our valued customers from the wartime and the postwar chaotic days owing to our variety of products and attentive services. 


In 1958, we started manufacturing cutting tools, jigs and other tools, and especially our precision collet chucks used in various types of machine tools and quills, which are grinding wheel fixing shafts of precision internal-diameter grinding spindles, have been used by wide variety of users in Japan. 


We will do our best to get orders from customers repeatedly by improving the precision grinding process technology that has been cultivated through manufacturing of precision peripheral devises of machine tools such as collet chucks and quills as an ideal group of engineers who have their own globally competitive “special skills” and shine like jewels although it is small. 

Yasuhiro Komiya, Representative director of Komiya&Co., Ltd.