Privacy Policy

Komiya&Co., Ltd. (referred as “Company” hereinafter) recognizes the importance of personal information, and tries to perform each of the following items in order to protect personal information. 


1.Safety control measures of personal information

Company shall protect personal information from being accessed illegally, being lost, being falsified, and/or being leaked, and shall take the appropriate safety control measures in order to secure its accuracy and safety. 


2.Obtaining of personal information

Company will obtain your personal information such as the address, name, telephone number and E-mail address when you contact it or when it estimates a fee. If it obtains your personal information in any other case, it shall clarify the purpose, information content and handling method. 


3.Personal information use purpose

Company shall use the personal information obtained from you to respond to your inquiry, your order and customer service. In order to provide you with the better service, it may outsource handling of personal information to an outsourcee. To outsource handling of personal information, Company shall select an outsourcee that is handling personal information properly, and regulate necessary matters so that the outsourcee can control your personal information properly in order to protect it. 


4.Provision and disclosure of personal information

Company shall not provide your personal information to the third company without your consent except in the case of provision of personal information to an outsourcee as regulated in the preceding clause. However, if it is obliged by statue, if Company has to protect the lives or properties of individuals, or if Company has to cooperate with any public organization such as the police and court, this clause shall not be applied. 


5.Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information

When you request Company to inquiry, correct, add, delete or stop using your own personal information in person, Company shall respond to it as soon as possible within the rational range 



Please contact us as described below if you have any question or complaint concerning handling of personal information, if you are to notify the use purpose of, inquire for, correct, add, delete or stop using your own personal information. 


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Yasuhiro Komiya, Representative director of Komiya&Co., Ltd.

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