Company Profile

Business name Komiya & Co., Ltd.
Address 1-19-24, Shimomaruko, Ohta City, Tokyo 146-0092
Representative Yasuhiro Komiya, representative director
Phone (81)3-3759-2341 (Main switchboard)
Description of business Manufacturing and sales of precision collet chucks
and precision quills, and sales of general machinery tools
Founded June, 1937
Established May, 1958
Capital ¥15.6 million
Bank of account Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. Shimomaruko Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd. Gotanda Branch
Johnan Shinkin Bank, Yaguchi Branch

History and Development of Komiya&Co., Ltd.

1937 June Shigetoshi Komiya founded Komiya’s, whose business was sales of machinery tools, in Shimomaruko, Ohta City, Tokyo.
1958 May Komiya&Co., Ltd. was established with ¥3 million in capital, and started manufacturing grinding tools as well as selling machinery tools. An electrical discharge machine was installed.
1960 April Komiya started manufacturing collet chucks.
1970 February The capital was increased to ¥6 million.
1976 December Yasuhiro Komiya assumed the representative director.
1977 September The capital was increased to ¥15.6 million.
1987 February The new company building was completed at 1-chome, Shimomaruko, Ohta City, Tokyo, which is the current location, and the office was moved there at the same time. Manufacturing of collet chucks became the main business.
1987 August Komiya started manufacturing cabide quills.
1993 August Cylindrical grinding machine STUDER was installed.
1993 November Roundness and Cylindricity Measuring Instrument was installed.
2002 November Thai METALEX 2002 in Bangkok exhibited.
2003 August Roughness and Contour Measuring Instrument was installed.
2004 February The award of Exellent Factory in Ota-city won.
2005 October Full-automatic high-precision Roundness and Cylindiricity Measuring Instrument was installed.
2008 April Tokyo Institute of Technology Seminar "Super Meister Program" participated.
2008 June 13th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology EXPO in Tokyo exhibited.
2008 November Thai METALEX 2008 in Bangkok exhibited.